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Teater TT

Is one of the oldest children's theaters in Denmark ..
Artistic Director Torkild Lindebjerg has performed in theater for children for more than 40 years - started in Holstebro Children's theater - and then he came to the Odin Theatre ... Was co-founder of Cascade Theatre. Before he establishing Theatre TT in 1985.
Torkild is a pupil of Ettienne Decroux mime school in Paris - the nonverbal theater has always filled much in theater TT's repertoire and TT and have long history of performing outside Denmark. Performances like The Fly and TT Stoneface just to mention some of the performances that have been around the continents.
The latest addition of nonverbal performances are The Shadow - which began as a study of using video as an interactive player with the new theater contexts.
We are very pleased to announce the newest addition of nonverbal performances...

The Shadow ...